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Captain Blue and Mermaid Melanie (yours truly) rescued weary castaways from their personal pandemic islands for Talk Like a Pirate Day 2020...for a few hours at least.

The Island was a fully participatory virtual event that tested the limits of the emerging Zoom-powered genre. Our crew collaborated with 8+ local brands and LGBTQ+ performers to provide two sets of humorous and informative programming: a family-friendly daytime event and an unfiltered evening version.

The events included a mermaid broadcasting from her socially-isolated bathtub, grog-making lessons from the neighborhood pub, pirate trivia contests (with real treasure to be won), and live musical performances by the Sweet Trade.

Attendee surveys rated the event 4.75 stars!

  • Storytelling & Songwriting

  • Conceptual Creative

  • Brand Partnerships

  • UX & Website Design

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